You can measure the ring by using your existing ring and scale it with Carat Craft Paper Scaling

Important notes:

1. Make sure that the paper scaling in he printing option is set to “None”

2. Print the sheet out in A4 size paper

3. The ring sizer must be 160 mm length.

Using existing rings as a reference

1. Take a ring you already own that perfectly fits for your desired finger.

2. Have a ring placed over the circle until the circle match the inside of the ring.

3. Incase the ring comes in between two size, consider the width of the band. if the band is wider, than it may require a bigger ring size, select the bigger size.

Ring Size Chart

All of our rings are crafted in standard US sizes. View the Size Chart to see how US sizes map to finger circumference and convert to international sizes. Engagement rings, wedding bands, and fashion rings all follow the same size format.


1. Make sure in the print options that “Paper Scaling”is set to “No” and that the landscape format is selected.

2. Print your wrist meter on a form sheet.

3. In case of doubt, check your impression with a ruler.

4. Then cut out your meter, and adjust it to your wrist.

5. To find your ideal bracelet size, please refer to the attached chart.

**Please note that this Size Guide is an indicative tool. We recommend our clients to visit our Boutiques to try the bracelets in order to define
which one fits them best.